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Choosing Glamox means choosing quality and safety.

When you Choose glamox 3001, you choose heaters that can safe electricity, that may be remote-controlled, that have extra safety features- and an elegant design.

TLO and TPA are series of panel heaters for home and office. TLO is 18 cm and TPA 35 cm high. Both in a variety of lengths and from 400 to 2000 watts.

They are standard delivered with a digital thermostat. Other thermostats may be chosen at additional costs.

Quick effective heating

For rapid warmth, the functional design with its curved front which throws the air forward, into the room.

Good indoor air

Glamox heaters elements have many large cooling ribs that efficiently distribute the heat and transfer it to the air flowing past them.

Accurate, silent thermostats

Glamox uses only the best thermostats which ensure precise temperature regulation and minimise energy consumption.

Low energy consumption is easily achieved by automatically reducing room temperature at night, and at times when particular rooms are not in use. This can mean big savings on energy.

Choose you Thermostat.


Lowers room temperature automatically at night and at other times when the room is not in use. You may yourself set the economy temperature and its active periods.


RFR affords you maximum convenience and minimises electricity bills using radio control of all heating in the house.